The music of LAXAH is encoded inside synthesizers, drum machines and vocoders.


Finnish Femcee pioneer Yavis is back with a series of new releases starting with comeback single ”SO LO”.


crito is a dj/producer born in california but situated in finland since early age. electronic indie pop with a twist. one to watch!


Helsinki based alternative rock band Enter Rana blends incredibly close melodies with extremely loud sounds


Upcoming indie rapper OXANE blends punk rock vibes with introspective lyrics and catchy choruses. OXANE is one to watch in 2022!


IRZ is a 21- year old Alternative R’n’B / Soul – talent hailing from the city of Tampere, Finland.

Gas Gas

Gas Gas (birth name Max Vuorinen) is a Helsinki based producer and DJ known for his Hip-Hop and electronic music productions and energetic live sets. Gas Gas has as well a wide selection of productions for several high level Finnish artists under his belt.

Roope Yliaho

Roope Yliaho is a rising Indie Rock artist hailing from Tampere with an intense voice and dark lyrics. His debut single “Lauluja Mitättömyyksistä” is out on 4th of June 2021.


TMPR formerly known as Temper2 (real name Markus Rauramo) is an electronic music producer and DJ with a wide back catalogue of releases and years of performing at the biggest clubs and festivals in Finland. Soundwise going back to his roots in house and techno music with a signature sound blending melancholic, melodic and progressive elements.